Home is where the army sends us – christmas ornaments edition

Since the day I decided to follow my husband across the country, I have adopted “home is where the army sends us” as a motto, and it quickly became the guiding principle behind this blog. I strive to bring elements of design that will make us happy and represent both of us, in every space, no matter how small, cold, or unwelcome our surroundings can seem.

At Christmas it’s not always  easy to blend two very different expectations for Christmas traditions and the decor, especially when you’re far from family. I come from a family where two Christmas trees in the house is par for the course, while he comes from a family with one big tree (at each house). In my family, the holidays are more about relaxing, while he sees it as his duty to travel to see every member of his family. At least we can both agree on our love of Christmas movies this time of year! It’s exhausting trying to create our own special brand of Christmas, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because in the process of bickering over who gets what & when, we’re creating our own Christmas and holiday traditions.

The first year we had a christmas tree I decided to start an ornament collection that would showcase our journey through the country with the military. A nice reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

At the time, I happened to be walking through Omer DeSerres craft store when I stumbled upon these awesome wood maple leafs for about 3$. They offered so much potential, so I jumped at the opportunity! You can’t get more patriotic than a maple leaf, and since they were blank I could style them how I wanted. I bought one for every posting we’ve had, a couple blank ones for future postings.


I’ve seen different variations on “places we’ve been” and “home is where the army sends us” in terms of daily decor and nick-nacks, but for our tree I wanted something simple. I know where I’ve been, I don’t need a reminder year-round (although these are great ideas for posting gifts). As a side-note, we actually still have our license plates from the previous provinces, but I’m not sure what to do with them yet.

Making the ornaments was dead simple:  I started by drilling holes through which to hang the ribbon, then I painted them red, and outlined the edges in white before hand-painting the name of the base and years we were there. I tied them off with some spare burlap, and boom! We have Christmas ornaments.

They were super quick and easy to do (in the grand scheme of crafting). They’re a great way to tie-in our  life in the military, and will be a subtle reminder as the years go on, of where we’ve been and experiences we’ve had.

Do you commemorate your postings through christmas ornaments?


Organizing your space – bathroom edition

This past week I shared on the blog that PMQ for Two had received some great news. Although I’m not able to confirm all he details yet, I can tell you that  this winter my words will be gracing the pages of a printed magazine. Although I’ve been “in print” before, this will be the first time I’m being printed as PMQ for Two. This will mark a milestone in the blog’s progression, and it’s something I have all of you to thank for! So thank you.


I was asked to write a post about organizing a space in my PMQ, and I asked you, my beautiful viewership, if you thought I should cover the bathroom or the kitchen. Although you won’t see what I’ve done until the article comes out, I can tell you it’s a good one! I spent the past couple of days brainstorming projects, looks, and details before frantically running around town gathering the bits and bobs I needed for the styling.

Given that the overwhelming response was for a post about organizing and styling a bathroom, I’ve decided to include a piece on doing just that (regardless of what the article I chose to write is about)!

If you’re like me and live in a PMQ you’ve probably experience a bathroom in which you can sit in the bathtub, flush the toilet, close the door, and turn on/off the sink at the same time. It’s an experience to say the least. We have a hard time with two people using the tiny space, so I can’t imagine a family trying to.

Enjoy my top 5 ways to keep your bathroom stylish & organized. The pictures below capture my examples well, as I’m keeping the pictures of what we’ve done for the reveal with the home tour post later this month.

1. Invest in storage trays

I’ve acquired many storage contraptions over the years, but my favourite – hands down- are clear plastic trays from Dollarama. They’re clear, sturdy, movable and modular. They’re perfect for keeping things organized in tight spaces, and you can stack them. Because they’re see-through, you know what’s where without having to un-stack them and root through boxes or bags. For 5-10$ you can revolutionize the way your cupboards exist, and make them work for you.


If you wanted to leave them out on your counters, you could also cut-out some fun designs, images or prints to line the bottom of them, turning them into cool trays if you will. It’s fun, it’s budget friendly, and best of all you can use them in almost any room.

2. Hang a print or two

This part is less organizational and more stylish, but it can help open-up any space. I’ve re-purposed some lovely dalmatian wrapping paper and spray-painted some frames in a complimentary shade. The whole thing took me about 3 minutes, and has given our white walls something to be proud of.  I’ve got one next to our mirror, and another next to the window. Together they provide some fun pops of colour and balance-out the space.


I really like the dalmatian print because it’s un-expected in a bathroom. Most people tend to pursue nautical or floral motifs in their bathroom, but to spare myself the acquisition of more nautical themed things than I need, I opted for a pattern.

3. Pick a colour scheme

We opted for grey and gold, and have added pops of colour that fall into the colour palette. This can be done in the form of kleenex boxes, soaps, and hand towels. The easiest way to apply a colour scheme in a bathroom with little wall space (if painting isn’t an option) would be with your bathroom linen. These days you can get a decent set of towels and matching accoutrements for a good price. Invest in a set! If you have somewhat cohesive bathroom linens, it will help make the space feel more put together and less haphazard.


Once you’ve nailed-down a towel colour, consider the metals being used in your bathroom. Are the all drawer knobs and handles brass? Consider extending the scheme with some fun, flashy, gold jars or vases. You’d be amazed what a can of spray paint and some mason jars can do. If all your hardware is brushed metal, maybe go a more industrial route when it comes to the tooth brush holder and towel rack. The point is to bring cohesion in an effort to appease the eye and smooth over an odd space.

3. Have fun!

I scoured our local thrift shops for old crystal candy jars and bowls – the big ones your grand mother kept scotch mints in. I purchased a couple and have purposed them to hold bath salts, Q-tips, cotton balls and doodads. They keep my counter-top organized and add some old-hollywood glamour to what would otherwise be a very simple space. I threw them on a mirrored tray to amplify the light and accent the details.


I’ve also decided to utilize the top of our toilet. This sounds weird, but consider the fact that you have an extra flat space there. If you have kids it might be trickier what with all the grabby hands, but if your children are more grown-up, or like us you don’t have kids, it’s a great place to keep things handy. Our toilet is right next to the bathtub, so instead of keeping soaps and salts on the counter at the other end of the bathroom, I keep them on a neat little tray next to the bathtub.


Since our colours are gold and grey, so I decided to spray-paint a rubber duck metallic gold. He looks so chique! but he also adds some whimsy to the space. The one pictured above is available on zulily, full credit to them. I didn’t re-paint the lips or eyes on mine.

4. Check your shower curtain

I’ve got a plain white waffle shower curtain. It keeps the space clean, and helps hide whatever is in the bathtub/shower. If I had a clear one, you would see all the soap scum, as well as anything else kicking around on the the ledges. To give the illusion of organization i.e by hiding what was really happening in there, I opted for a two curtain system. Most home decor stores will sell cotton shower curtains in various patterns, motifs, colours and textures. In our bathroom it has worked beautifully!

I have a nice white “wall” and I can change the plastic curtain backing (on the side that comes in contact with water) when it gets gross, I can wash the cotton one if it gets dirty. You don’t need to be limited by what’s available in plastic curtains, you can explore the world of fabric shower curtains!

5. Consider pairing down

The  corner ledge in any bathtub tends to be where shampoo and conditioner bottles go to die. It’s a graveyard of errant strands of hair, dead soap bubbles and far too many bottles of shampoo. If you’re tight on space or have a lot of people using the tub, consider pairing down. Do you need 4 bottles of shampoo? Do they need to be in the shower at all times? What about tossing them in a bucket under the sink? Taking the time to re-evaluate your needs when functioning in a tight space, might just be what you need to do.

We only have one bottle of shampoo, one bottle of body wash, and one face wash. Those things sit nicely on the rack that goes around the shower head, and we even have room for a loofa! When you think about it, you probably don’t need all that much in the shower. If you do, then look into self-draining shower caddies.

From a cleanliness point of view, less things sitting around the bathtub means less space for soap gunk to collect.

How do you keep your bathroom neat, functional and stylish?


Having fun with gift wrapping

The holiday season is a great time to experiment with gift wrapping, so you should take full advantage of it!

Throughout university I worked seasonally in the stock room as a display stocker and gift wrapper/gift basket maker at at a high-end kitchen & home decor store, on the mink mile in downtown Toronto. This place has espresso machines at around 1 500$, and people would come in to buy 2 or 3 (one for home, one for work, one for the cottage). Money was no problem for the customers, which meant that it attracted a certain caliber of spenders, and with them came their expectations for gift wrapping and gift baskets.

Looking back, I think it was a seminal moment in my home decor awakening. I spent 3-4 months a year looking at, learning about, and selling fantastic kitchen items. My favourite part of the week was switching around the beautiful displays and making new ones, re-creating the displays that corporate sent over gave me an inside peek at how things should work when creating visually compelling displays.

Part of the christmas build-up was wrapping tons of popular items like mixers, popcorn machines, pots and pans sets, knife sets etc. so that they could fly out of the store, already wrapped for the customers, without creating a backlog for the gift wrappers in the stock room.

I loved it! I can work cellophane and a hot gun like no other. I also learned how to wrap a gift that would meet the high standards of luxury shoppers – these are things that have stuck with me since. I’m sharing some tips and tricks for wrapping like a professional.


Wrapping a gift

Tape the wrapping paper to the item

Before you start wrapping the gift, tape the end of the paper to the box before you start un-ravelling the roll around the box. You’ll get a tighter wrap and prevent weird gaps and lumps. It will also make it easier to match-up the seams if the pattern isn’t slipping and sliding.

Match the pattern along a seam

If your wrapping paper has a pattern (which it most likely does), match the pattern on both ends of the paper. Do so by folding over the edge that isn’t tapped, until it aligns with the pattern on the seam. I suggest putting seams along the edge/corners of products because disturbances in the pattern are less noticed along the edge.

Fold the ends of the paper

When you’re tapping the ends of the wrapping paper, make sure you fold them into a point with a straight line, and then have one go over the other. Make sure it’s the same one that goes “on top” on the other end of the gift (for symmetry).

Wrap the ribbon 3 times

When measuring out the amount of ribbon you’ll need to wrap a gift and make a box, wrap the ribbon around the longest part of the gift 3 times. It will give you enough slack to make it around the middle of the box on both lengths, and tie a nice big bow.

Tying a ribbon

Find the centre of the ribbon’s length, and then place it at the centre of the box on the side you want to be the “top” (where the bow would go). From that point, while keeping a finger on the ribbon at the centre, flip the box over, cross the ribbon at the middle of the “bottom” of the box so that it can go around the middle of the other length, and then flip it back around to the “top” of the box. Pull one end of the ribbon under the existing ribbon length around the middle, and then tie off in a knot/bow at the centre of the box.

Cut the ends of the bow

You can cut the ends of the bow so that it creates a concave chevron (with two points), or on an angle.

**Martha Stewart also has her own project list for gift wrapping, so feel free to check it out.

Making a gift basket

Find a basket that flatters your gift

Depending on what you’re giving, different baskets will make all the difference. You want your basket to be filled by the gift/gifts, but not overflow. In some instances handles on the basket may prove to be useful for standing-up some items, while a deeper basket will allow for things like books to be securely anchored without falling-out.

Invest in some stuffing

You know that plastic, paper or straw hay that people put in gift baskets? Well they do it for a reason. It’s a great way to cushion whatever you’re giving, hide gift receipts, fill the space to allow for a better presentation of the item (s)

Pick a direction

This should be a no-brainer, but pick a direction from which the basket is supposed to be seen, and build the basket accordingly.

Strategic placing

Place the biggest item in the back of the basket. Much like the tallest kid in the class photo, it goes in the centre at the back, Build everything out around it so as to frame it.

Cellophane never hurt anyone

The clear plastic can be a b*tch to work with, but if done correctly, it will protect your gift from rain, snow, or a strong gust of wind! Otherwise think about placing the basket in a large bag.

Don’t be afraid to embellish

Are you thinking of giving a charcuterie or epicurean feast? what about getting a small wood cutting board? some cheese knives? a set of napkins? or maybe some glassware, to go along with a set of spreads and cheese. For fun and camp you can always add a little toy mouse somewhere in the basket, peaking around a corner.

Bag gifts

I’m not a huge fan of using bags as gift wrapping,s imply because I’ve always though of it as lazy. That’s just me though. But if you are going to give in a bag, consider jazzing it up a bit. Most stores sells some pretty fun bags that come loaded with glitter, or sequins, while Target and the Dollar store sell some nice bags that don’t look completely lame with trendy patterns and motifs. I’ve even found some great holiday themed gift bags in the clearance section because they wren’t red and green. My holiday colours are silver and gold, so I find those completely appropriate as gifting options. If you’re not spending the extra time to wrap it, at least spend the extra dollar to make it look like you care. This is especially true if you’re gifting to a co-worker or boss, as they interpret how you gift them as a sign of respect (true story, yo).

On the other hand, there are some instances where gift giving in a bag is completely appropriate: wine, cookies, and various baked goods. I recently gave my boss a little bag of a dozen chocolate crinkle cookies (home-made of couse). I could have put them in a ziploc and called it a day. Instead I used little cellophane candy bag with gold stars, which I got at the Bulk Barn for 20c. I bought a whack of them last time I was there because I figured they’d be nice cookie gifting options. So far, I’ve tied them all up with big red twine bow, and called it a day. It took me about 35 seconds more than closing a ziploc, and looks that much nicer.

Gift Cards

These used to be super tricky to give, as they came in flimsy little envelopes which meant that you lost the card more often than not. Stores have upped their game in the past couple of years, and now they come in fun shapes and designs, or with cool envelopes/packages to stick them in. Go for it! If you’re looking to make your own, Martha Stewart has her own How-To.

If by chance your gift card of gifting choice does not come with a box/envelopped of your choice, place it within a christmas card. It allows you write-out something thoughtful, and perhaps explain your rationale for a gift card…? “hey, I thought you’d like this gift card to X, because I know you’ve wanted Y, but I wasn’t sure in what size/color/quantity you wanted it.” or “I know you’re been lusting after X, so I thought I would contribute to your goal. Enjoy!”

Some people still consider gift cards to be rather “gauche” as gifts, but I love them! I use them when I am unsure of what to give ex. to children who do not read yet, or when I have to travel a long distance and don’t want to haul 8 million boxes.

Before I met my husband (who insists on giving actual objects), I used to donate to various charities in people’s names. They loved it! I gave to animal shelters for the animal lovers on my list, or to the library, or women’s’ shelters, or military family charities. Point being, a made a gift of money to organizations that are always short on money, as a gift to people who have everything they need and want. A heartfelt christmas card outlining what I’d done and why was worth more to them than a set of ugly socks or chocolates.

Have fun!

For me, gift giving, and therefore wrapping, is all about having fun. I like to give, it makes me happy! I give my time, energy, love, and efforts to people all the time, so when I can give a little extra and it makes them smile, I feel good.

I don’t spend a fortune on my gifts, and often thrive on shopping within a budget. As a military family, most people can appreciate that we may be on a budget sometimes, but it’s always the thought that wins over.

How do you gift?


Christmas Home Tour – PMQ for Two

It’s finally here! two weeks later than I wanted! I did it! woohoo!

My hat is off to everyone who has ever pulled one off while juggling a full-time job and all the commitments that life throws at us. Last year when I was drooling over my favourite blogger’s home tours, I couldn’t help but think that that it would be easy to do. This year, after dusting of my good camera and acquiring a tripod stand during the black friday sales, I think I’ve made an honest go at it, and I hope you enjoy the visit!


This year I opted to pick a colour palette rather than a style palette: we went into the season with silver and gold, with pops of red. I think this is best reflected on our tree, which is layered with classic silver and gold balls, red birds, and all of our personal ornaments placed at eye level.


You even get to see my signature gingerbread snowflakes! I had done about 180 this weekend for various cookie exchanges and our annual Christmas party, so I thought I’d throw a couple in to see if I could get Santa to come early!


If you look above the book cases, we’ve filled our empty hurricane vases with leftover ornaments from my deconstruct wreath (last year’s edition). I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I opted to fill the empty spaces with them, and balance the room’s metallic palette with more red. Who doesn’t love red at Christmas?!


I opted for decorate the chandelier with leftover silver balls, much like the beeded chandeliers I love, only with christmas cheer!


I got DH in on the action by assigning him a task: make and decorate the gingerbread house and train. Because he loved trains growing-up, he threw himself into the second task with glee and produced a lovely train! It’s truly a testament to his creativity and passion for all things food. I love him.

The sitting room was photographed at an entirely different time of day, but I did so the better capture the light and items. I felt the tree would best be photographed when lit by the glowing lights and candle light.

I’ve completed my ornament wreath – finally- and got it all set-up on the wall above the bar in the sitting room. We haven’t hung anything there yet (our stag head is currently “in the shop” after DH broke it) but the ornament wreath felt right, and it picks up on the metals in the room and the bar cart. I love it!


As you can see, our various infused vodkas sit atop the bar, as we had them out for sampling during the christmas party. Our wine selection grew and then shrank considerably during the party, but I still think it’s time for us to invest in a wine rack of sorts to hold the bottles, our SAQ bag on the floor is only gonna cut it for so long.



DSCF4936 3

I found this banner from the Oh jOY! Collection at Target, way back in October before we moved. It loved it! and I’m so glad I kept tabs on it enough to hang it on our brick wall for the holiday season.

DSCF4913 2

I got the blue pillows at Simon’s last weekend while perusing their christmas market. The poof is from Threashold’s Target collection, and the red blanket was a wedding gift!


Bruce has claimed this couch as his, he loves it! He just kind of collapses onto it and snoozes for hours at a time.

The Kitchen features a lovely berry wreath, hung over the kitchen sink.DSCF4932

I’m finding it hard to photograph the wreath and the curtains together with the light of day, but at night it doesn’t look good on camera. Compromise?


The kitchen island has been on our of most practical purchases as suddenly we have counter space that allows us to face the other person in the kitchen! Great for entertaining or cooking together.


As you can see, Bruce’s toys are all over the house, including the kitchen!


I’ve been packaging some of our cookies for DH to give out at work, I hope they enjoy them!


True to form, the chalk board is up in the kitchen bearing seasonal tidings – it’s all about the spice!


Part of the message got blurred last night with the 50 or so people roaming the main floor of the house, and I’ve only just realized this. Great.

The Bough in the stair case is beautifully light up, with holly berries, lights, and jingle bells thrown in for good measure.


You can also see our lovely gallery wall, nutcrackers, and my shiny new red purse.


You’re also being given a lovely glimpse into the front hallway, although with added christmas decor.

My little christmas village is mighty cute: the trees are from dollarama. but the little house was a prop from the Buche de Noel making session the VFC held last year. I kept it this entire time for exactly this purpose.


To finish it off, I present The Boots, who was my constant companion through the process.


Pantone’s colour of the year 2015 – Marsala

I don’t know about you guys, but I find the idea of a “colour of the year” both interesting and kind of ridiculous. This year’s colour, according to Pantone – the authority for all things colour – is Marsala.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.23.43 PM

Who is to say that this one colour will be “the colour”? Is there an authority? how can they enforce this?! What if it’s an ugly colour? Why does this colour look like it belongs in 1985?

Well, those are all the questions I asked myself after last year’s colour, and I have to say, I changed my tune after a couple of months. I found Radiant Orchid popping up in all kinds of un-expected places like on the runway, on my favourite blogger’s posts, and then in the department stores across home goods and clothing – it was surreal to see the colour go from a press release, to the far reaches of a department store here in Quebec to say the least.

Straight from the Pantone press release about the colour, we have “

Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.

The Versatility of Marsala

  • Equally appealing to men and women, Marsala is a stirring and flavorful shade for apparel and accessories, one that encourages color creativity and experimentation
  • Flattering against many skin tones, sultry and subtle Marsala is a great go-to color for beauty, providing enormous highlight for the cheek, and a captivating pop of color for nails, shadows lips and hair.
  • Dramatic and at the same time grounding, the rich and full-bodied red-brown Marsala brings color warmth into home interiors
  • An earthy shade with a bit of sophistication, texture is the story in print and packaging. A matte finish highlights Marsala’s organic nature while adding a sheen conveys a completely different message of glamour and luxury.”

If you want to see how the colour was selected, or what colour pairings go best with it, you can cruise around their website here.


This year, I have decided to embrace the colour head on and see how I can use it, or at the very least visualize it fitting into our PMQ for two.  Surely enough, as in previous instances of doubt, I turned to Pinterest and wasn’t disappointed.


Below you will some great ways I think we add a dash of rich and creamy red, in case you too decide to hop on the colour bandwagon.

I love the idea of a deep red accent wall to feature a large portrait such as this. If only we had something on this scale!


Tassels are also a great way to add seasonal touches of colour, they’re relatively inexpensive and can changed around if need be.


As the highlight of your kitchen backsplash? Maybe not, but just may be!


Furniture is another obvious way to go about it, albeit a tad expensive if you’re just looking to hop on the pantone bandwagon.


However if Marsala is not for you, you can consider the expanded spring time 2015 colour palette, and find inspiration! I’ve got a fair amount of these colours already infused into our spaces, and as I prepare to makeover the master bedroom, the guest room, and the living room! These are the spaces I’m hoping to pay the most attention to over the holidays, and will definitely be taking advantage of boxing day sales to do so.


Christmas Home Tour – The Lamoureux

 “I have always loved Christmas, especially decorating the tree. My husband always says he stays away knowing how picky I am. This year my Girls have their very own 3 ft tree in the playroom. We made 50% of the decorations including stringing popcorn – Mind you I strung it while they ate it- being 2 and 4 their attention span doesn’t go past yummy popcorn. I even caught the 2 year old standing on the bench a few days later eating it off the tree! Thank goodness most of it has survived for the week. At least she hasn’t realized candy canes are yummy or edible yet.”


“The girls helped with the main tree, stringing as many ordements as they could onto 3 branches. Making more work for me after bedtime, but they had fun and too young to notice that mommy changed it. Being military and never in one place too long its nice to decorate and make it as homey as possible.”




“I have always been crafty and never very rich. I usually make most if not all my Christmas presents for family and friends. Just hope they aren’t getting tired of it hehehe. Most of my family’s decore on their walls and counters have been provided (made) by me. Some projects, depending on the idea does save money, especially if you have most materials already. Its when you have to go out and start buying supplies that you ask yourself “am I saving money?” Then you have to decide whether it’s important to save the money or make it because you really like idea and money is not a worry.”

“I am actually very happy with my Q this time, my husband actually let me paint what ever I wanted, whatever color. You have no idea how exciting that is! Living with beige on everything is not my idea of home. Never be afraid to try something new; paint and put holes in the walls. It’s your sanity for the short time you live there and should always feel like home.”

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and christmas content!


Last minute online gifts

If you are like me and enjoy looking at things online, you will enjoy this post!

I have a couple of stores which I peruse on the regular to see about deals and steals, and as part of the December content, I’m sharing the best ones for the holidays! Whether you’re looking for a hostess gift for all of those parties, something for the MIL/SIL, or a little bit to treat yourself, the following may be right up your alley!

These stores deliver to your house (almost anywhere in the country), and if you order enough things you can get express shipping for free!

The Caligraphy plate from Anthropologie 8$/plate

I’m looking at our initials in plates for the plate wall in the dinning room! I love the colours and style of these, they’d make a great gift to a friend who is setting up their place, or to the seasoned entertainer.


The Parisian Desert plate from Anthorpologie 14$/plate

You can opt for a set, or buy all of them and give one at a time! My collection of christmas plates can never be too big, as I plan on having each and every one of them in use at our annual party. You can’t go wrong with these!


The monogram cocktail napkin set from Anthropolgie 8$/piece

I love these. If you’re not a fan of paper napkins, or you want to have an extra special set for certain events, these are perfect for year-round entertaining. Go for it!


Hudsons’ Bay Nutcracker Voyageur 25$

They have a series of nutcrackers special to the Bay with iconic colours and figures, unique to Canada’s history (trappers, voyageurs, beavers etc). I have the voyageur, but managed to snag the one with the Beaver last year!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.44.41 AM

Hudsons’ Bay stripped mittens 15$ (on sale)

I love these! They’re a great option for driving, shopping, or dashing in and out of parties during the holidays. I personally have something a bit more hardcore for clearing snow off the car, but would love a pair for daily use.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.46.17 AM

Paperchase Robin Hot water bottle on ASOS.com for 21.37$

I love ASOS and buy a lot of stuff from there; clothes, shoes, accessories etc. They ship for free, and I’ve only had to pay duties and taxes if I’ve shipped through the express option. Otherwise everything comes through the mail.

I use my hot water bottle at least once a month, but more regularly to heat the foot space in our bed on those cold winter evenings.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.50.44 AM

Home Sweet Home Print on Chapters.com 32$ (on sale) or 78$ if you buy two

This print by Kristen Smith for Minted, is a great addition to any home. I recommend this as a gift for anyone who has just moved, or for the couple in their first home.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.52.03 AM

Kate Spade “How the Devil” note cards 20$

I’m a sucker for social stationary. Anyone who knows me has received at least one Thank You card from me. I have several kinds, and am always looking for a good deal. What can go wrong with gold polkadots?!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.55.28 AM

You can see a wide variety of options here tough http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/paper/social-stationery/blank-notes

Gilded rim vintage coupe glasses – set of 4  38$

I will actually be purchasing these for us! I’ve been looking for a classic champagne coupe for AGES, and this is a good price for 4.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.58.22 AM

2015 Honeybee Calendar from Rifle Paper Co. for 18$

This is ALSO on my own personal list. I’m an old fashioned lady who needs a calendar on the wall, and this one is perfect for the kitchen. Rifle Paper Co. also has a bunch of different styles.


Rifle Paper Co. Royal Coaster Set of 8 – 16$

I’m a big fan of coasters as a way of adding some fun colour to any event, but also as hostess gifts! I’ve given quite a few sets of coasters, and they’re always well received.


If you think about it, there are tons of affordable and home-delivered gift options for everyone on your list, and I’ve only shared a fraction of them with you! If you have any specific questions about items, or need suggestions, feel free to ask me!