PMQ for two has moved!

I’m sure you’ve wondered about my silence over the past week, and i’m here to announce a couple of things!

We are now at and no longer at Although this other blog will remain live, I’ll shortly be shutting down the posts and using it as a re-direct for anyone who winds up here in the future. Change your favourites bar and notify your friends!


One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to bring you this update, is that I’ve been back through all of my posts to edit and revamp them. As you can see, all the images now give you the option to pin them directly to Pinterest (please do!). This little addition means I had to go back through all the posts and give the images a water-mark, fix any typos that might have slipped by me the first time, and make sure everything is still relevant and up-to-date. Its been exhausting and has taken up the better part of a week.

I’m also working with a beautiful new theme, similar to my previous theme, but more sleek and streamlined. I’m very happy with it.

Along with the new web address and image features, I’ve edited-out some posts that I wasn’t entirely happy with, and re-vamped the project gallery. I want to continue to offer you the best I can, and a better organized site will allow my faithful readers and any new ones to better navigate my content.

These aren’t the only changes to the PMQ for two platforms.

My Etsy tastemakers page is being up-dated daily to bring you the best products from the worldwide etsy marketplace.

PMQ for two’s Pinterest page has also been cleaned-up and up-dated. All my boards are ready to go, more cohesive and come pre-loaded with many of my own photos.

PMQ for two is now on Stumbleupon and Bloglovin, so please please please add this page to those sites so that we can keep everyone up to date!

You can now see PMQ for two’s Instagram profile along the side of the page, to keep you up to date on images and projects I may not share on the page.

Take a spin around the new site, pin some images, leave some comments and be sure to share the new site with your friends.

p.s I’m blonde again!